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Come on. Just click it. You know you just came here for the porn. Please to be buying our things? Even if you didn't want to know more, we made this section. Just in case. Where we threw all the other shit.



Apparently we sometimes do things and then write about them. For when you forget a character's name or just want to laugh at our summarizing skills. If you're REALLY bored waiting for that new page, you can come read about us!. Please check here before emailing us! :D


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Posted 06:29 Tue 29 May

If you haven't received your shipping confirmation yet, please don't be worried! I know the FAQ says that it should be processed within a week, but that doesn't take into account the order surge we have when reopening the store for a new chapter release.

Please give your order 2 - 3 weeks to be fulfilled. We are currently up to about the 1900s in the orders. We don't go through fulfillment companies, we do the shipping ourselves with help from a few hired friends. Sorry for the delay! We're working on getting through them as quickly as possible :)


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