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Posted 14:13 Tue 23 September

I know some of you are going "really, again?"

I need to put Teahouse on hiatus because I recently (just found out today) got a full-time job in animation. I'm putting Teahouse on break because my schedule is going to be drastically different compared to when I was just doing Teahouse. There's going to be an adjustment period while I get used to my new job and figure out exactly how much Teahouse I can handle.

The important thing to keep in mind is, even if Teahouse's upload schedule has to change, I don't want to end Teahouse. This is a life changing event for me and it's going to be hard work but I would like to continue Teahouse.

For now, I don't have an end date in mind for the hiatus, but the earliest we could come back is Nov 4. I realize we're in the middle of an intense Axis x Rhys scene and it sucks to have to prolong it on a break, but to me it's preferable to delay it than to quit outright.

I appreciate so much all of the support you guys have given us throughout the years. Thank you again, you guys are just amazing.

<3 E

(PS there will still be a new page for tomorrow, might have to put it up tonight though)


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