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Come on. Just click it. You know you just came here for the porn. Please to be buying our things? Even if you didn't want to know more, we made this section. Just in case. Where we threw all the other shit.



Sacha make travel with Gildar. Sacha write of journey to know English well. Sometimes we just make arts. And sometimes we just make farts. ITS 3 AM OKAY E spent an obnoxious amount of time making icons so if you don't use them she's going to cry. Not that she isn't already. Hey, we like other things too! Also, links to more Teahouse thingies!


We have over 100 different character icons you can download here! The icons are 125 px x 125 px, feel free to resize and edit them.

We will also be steadily adding to the wallpaper section. If your monitor resolution isn't available, feel free to email us and let us know!






"There are so many holes in this house I could fill" sluuuuurrrp Now someone's FABULOUUUUS GURL, KICK UP THEM TOESES. VVVVvvvvVVVvVVVVvvvrrrRRRRRRrrRRRrrrrRRRR
DAT ASS DAT ASS x 2 smooch smooch OM NOM NOM surprise buttsecks
drugs are bad, m'kay It's that dumb expression again. We're basically frotting right now. SUP BB "Rhys-sama, onegai..."
"Rory-kun, I..." "Reed-sama..." "OMG my penis IS huge!" shut up kiss U KISS GUD
OM Oh Reed, your pecs are so manry "Riido-sama, I..." Ur neck smells gud SLDKFJSLDFJ
sup. cuppiecakes Reed oils his hair daily. "Steve Rogers, you so beautiful uguu" uguuuu
:OOOOOO :O :DDDDDD "Nobody in the comments likes me!!" Yvette: HAYYYY, Atros: ...
/sobbing "NOT COOL BRO" sup. snarl This is Atros' happy face.
kekekekeke grrrr! Sad panda Be pinker. HOHOHO
"Every morning when I wake up, I contemplate how I can look more like a man in drag." I HAVE FEELINGS TOO smooch smooch smooch The ninja of Teahouse
LINNEUS "What, I always garden with this much jewelry on.." Beautiful baby smooth pits. "Am I prettier from this side.." "..or this side?"
"You're right, that scar is pretty big. I can see it much better from this angle." "...Are you wearing Old Spice?" NOW KISS success MMMMFFF
Linneus, u so dainty legssss "My hair is bigger than yours" /mouthbreathes "u so purty Linneus"
Gilder's got morning wood "John!" "Marsha..." Look, there's another one! Next to Axis, Gilder makes the most dumb expressions in the comic. Proof that Linneus is indeed a man.
Sacha not lose Gildar this time. Sacha stay close. VERY CLOSE. SACHA KILL GILDAR IN SLEEP "99 bottles of beer in my coat, 99 bottles of beer..."
HAI GUYZ Why doesn't she wear her hair like that more often? HERP DERP "You broke the fucking door, you fuck."
SERIOUS FACE sup. "NOT COOL BRAH" Argent is a BAMF "I pledge allegiance, to the flag.."
man cleavage hey bb If Axis looks confused often, it's only because he's so goddamn dumb. AXIS SMASH You're the wiener!
"Look at my hair. LOOK AT IT" Gloria and her magnificent mane Zephy u so srs EVIE BITCH PLEASE
WAT U CALL ME LOL JK LUV U " that a squid's eye? What is that?" "Did you just touch my ass?" "...No, that was someone else."
I ship it. sup. :( Check out that bod. uguuuu
"Goddamn, I look so much better than you no matter what we're doing." "WAT!?" "THIS CAKE" RHYS SMASH  



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