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Come on. Just click it. You know you just came here for the porn. Please to be buying our things? Even if you didn't want to know more, we made this section. Just in case. Where we threw all the other shit.



Apparently we sometimes do things and then write about them. For when you forget a character's name or just want to laugh at our summarizing skills. If you're REALLY bored waiting for that new page, you can come read about us!. Please check here before emailing us! :D


Long ago, in a far away land called "Wizard World Chicago," CC saw E peddling some very fine wares. The following is a reenactment of what happened.
CC says:
I love your stuff!
E says:
Thanks! Who the hell are you?
CC says:
No one. You know what would make your stuff even better?
E says:
You're going to tell me whether I want to know or not, aren't you.
CC says:
Yes. Dicks.
E says:
...I think I like you.

Then there was some other stuff. E + CC = Dicks² <3


E (Emi)
E draws, inks, and poops.

Drawing, inking, and pooping.

Name: E
AKA: Babby or Li'l Bitch
Age: At least 27
Grew up in: The Midwest



CC (Rain)
CC writes script, used to color shit, and does all things mediocre.

Writing script, used to color shit, doing all things mediocre.

Name: CC
AKA: Daddy or Big Bitch
Age: Still 62
Grew up in: Korea





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