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Come on. Just click it. You know you just came here for the porn. Please to be buying our things? Even if you didn't want to know more, we made this section. Just in case. Where we threw all the other shit.


Teahouse Ending
11 26, 2014

First of all, we'd like to thank you guys for all of your support and loyalty over the past few years. Without you, this comic would never have become what it is today and for that we'll forever be grateful. Thank you.

E and I have both reached points in our lives now where we can no longer keep doing Teahouse. For as much as it's brought to us through the years, it's also been a massive amount of work and though we'd love to keep doing it, it's just gotten unrealistic. We've talked about ways we could possibly keep the book going without us being as involved but none of them really work for us. I'm still dealing with school 3000 hours a day and E now has a full-time job in animation and between the two of us we have 0 hours to spend with our husbands let alone our gaybies. As much as you will miss us, just imagine how angry Axis is that E's not going to be able to draw that rimming scene I wrote for her. (I'm not even kidding. He was chin deep.)

So you might be asking yourself, “Well, what the fuck happens now? How does this shit end? Why are you all being such jerks?” to which we have a response: “Don't worry, we're going to tell you everything and post it all on the site and we're jerks because our mothers raised us wrong. Sorry. :(

Here's how it's going to work:

December 3rd: A written summary of Rory and Reed's storyline to the end.
December 10th: A written summary of Rhys and Axis' storyline to the end.
December 17th: A written summary of Linneus and Atros' storyline to the end along with Gilder, Sacha, Claret, Argent, and Lilith – because all of the secondary characters tie into them the most.

As for the books and merch, what's up in the store right now will be the the last of it. We don't plan on doing any more conventions so we won't be printing any more books or making any more merch. Everything left is on sale so if you were thinking about picking anything up, grab it then before it's gone forever.

For those of you on the BL tour, it's still on, E will still be there. Be sure to shower her with questions then cause it'll probably be the last time you can.

And now I'd like to just take a second to thank E. Thank you for listening to my immature ass when I first said to you, “DOOD. We could totally make a porno!!!” In retrospect it was pretty crazy that I literally pushed us into this venture with the thought, “how hard could it be?” If it weren't for you, Teahouse wouldn't exist, Emirain wouldn't exist, and most of all, I would have no idea that I'd want to pursue writing seriously. I am literally in school right now because you had faith in what we could do as a team and I don't know if I could ever properly thank you for that. You've literally changed my life. I love you forever, you are the Emi to my Rain. Thank you.

And to all of you who've been with us through it all, we love you too.





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I think it might actually be a good thing that we gave you guys Axis and Rhys first because Rory and Reed are like an angst level 1000 while Linneus and Atros are going to be like, angst level 9999.


(or the summary with way too many "R" names in it.)

Now that Rory and Reed have had sex, Rory is all in on Reed. Falling for him hard and making all sorts of efforts and basically looking at Reed like a boyfriend. Remy, being the creeper she is, notices Rory's new found feelings for Reed which annoy her to no end.

During Reed's next visit, it's very obvious that he's had a bad day but that doesn't stop Rory from being super talkative. After sex Reed finally shuts him down with, "You do understand that I pay to fuck you, not listen to you talk, right?" Obviously upset (because he's just lost his virginity to this guy who keeps murdering all of his romantic aspirations) Rory asks if sex is really the only reason Reed comes to see him. To which Reed replies, "Of course it is. You're not even my type." This meeting doesn't end well.

Remy sees Axis comes back to the Teahouse to clear his room (since he's moving into the castle) and she sets it up so that Rory walks in on Axis finger banging her in the kitchen. Insert an incredibly creepy image of Remy moaning while maintaining eye contact with Rory. (Axis of course has no clue this is going on because he's three fingers deep and busy.) Suffice it to say, Rory is horrified.

Reed, having caught onto the fact that Rory was not happy with him, decides to ask Rhys for advice on how to "romance someone." That's when Rhys gives Reed this key piece of advice: "Buy him flowers. Give him chocolates. You've basically gotta treat this one like a girl because if you don't, you're going to hurt his feelings and he's going to sleep with someone else like your last courtesan did and then you're going to have to find yet another virgin. Dig?"

Back at the Teahouse, Remy overhears that Atros is on the hunt for a replacement for Axis (which you'll hear more about next week). She immediately starts flirting with the clientele.

Reed shows up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Rory and a kiss. It's everything Rory wants. A little romance, gifts that aren't sex toys, he's floored. So after a beautiful round of love making Rory asks Reed what inspired him to be so sweet.

That's when Reed tells Rory that Rhys told him to just treat Rory like a girl.

Believe it or not, Rory throws Reed the fuck out and tells him off. Tells him that he's (Rory's) NOT girly and that Reed's an asshole for thinking such. That Reed's the girly one for having such stupidly long hair. And then he slams the door in Reed's face.

Reed goes back to Rhys, annoyed. Tells him that his advice didn't work and then when Rhys finds out that Reed TOLD Rory what Rhys said, Rhys tells Reed that he really is an idiot. That "the kid's" tried way harder to please Reed than any of the other courtesans he's been with. Reed knows he's right.

Back to Remy, she flirts with one of Lilith's clients while he's waiting to see Lilith. So then when Lilith comes down to meet with her client, he's no where to be seen. So Lilith and Rory go looking for him when they find him, fucking Remy in the ass in the maids' quarters.

Outraged, Lilith reports Remy to Atros and drags Rory into it. Unfortunately for Lilith though, Remy making a plea to Atros about how she wants to be a courtesan because she enjoys "all sorts of sex" and how it would "this ultimately saves Atros money," which of course wins Atros over.

Voila, Remy goes from the maid's quarters to Axis' room.

Reed, trying to figure out what Rory wants from him, wanting to make more of an effort for Rory, decides to get a hair cut. Takes what Rory said to him earlier as a sign that Rory doesn't like long hair. It all goes to Locks of Love.

Axis stops back by to hang with Claret. She tells him that Remy's got his room now so Axis decides to check up on Remy and because there is no God, they of course end up boning. After sex, Remy turns on the innocent act and fills Axis in on how "Rory's been tormenting her."

Axis, who never liked that little prick anyway, gets into a scuffle with Rory and ends up punching Rory, giving him a black eye. Shortly after, Lilith comes to Rory's defense and smacks Axis around and then is kicked out of the Teahouse by Argent. Remy fucking loves every minute of it.

Reed and his short hair finally show up at the Teahouse and Rory's shocked. But not as shocked as Reed is when he sees Rory's face and finds out that it was Axis who gave him the black eye. Once Reed's all calmed down Rory asks why he cut his hair and he's genuinely touched to find out that Reed cut it because Rory said he didn't like it. Sure enough, Rory's back in love with Reed again.

They have great sex and afterwards, in bed, Rory asks Reed about where he came from. Reed mentions how difficult it was to be gay and in the closet in Verone and how Rhys was the one who made him feel like it was ok. That he was normal. Reveals that they hooked up a few times before Reed found out how much of a slutty slut Rhys was which may or may not have made his mild OCD worse.

Rory tells Reed that he thinks he's gay. That when he was growing up, that his sister used to torment him by flaunting her body in front of him. That he used to struggle with his feelings for her and that he didn't know how he was supposed to feel before Reed. That sex with Reed feels right.

Reed asks Rory how he ended up at the Teahouse (and for those of you keeping score, this is the first time Reed's shown any interest in Rory's actual life) and Rory tells him that he did it for two reasons. One: because his mom was sick, that she'd been sick for a long time and that they needed the money to put her in care. And two: to get away from Remy. That he thought it'd be healthier for them to be apart.

The next day when Reed leaves, he kisses Rory and asks him how he'd feel about Reed buying his contract. Rory is of course, ecstatic.

Back at Rhys' castle, Reed hunts Axis down tells him to stay the fuck away from Rory, and punches him square in the jaw. Walks off like a boss.

Remy, who now lives in Lilith's room (you'll know more about this next week) hears from Claret that Rory's excited because it sounds like Reed might buy his contract. She is NOT cool with this.

In true Remy fashion, she puts on an act. Begs Rory to talk to her and then gives him a sob story about how she's sorry. That she hears he's leaving and that before he leaves, she wants him to know that she loves him.

That night, in Rory's room, she tells him that she's happy for him. That the whole reason she's always been jealous of him, and cruel to him, is because their mother always liked him better. That she always felt less than him and she realizes now that she unfairly resented him for that.

Rory eats it up with a spoon. Feeling awful for her, he embraces her and holds her as he sobs in her arms and in a particularly dramatic moment, Remy locks eyes with Rory and she kisses him.

And Rory doesn't push her away.

That's when we cut over to Reed at his house, making preparations for Rory, setting up a room for him. He's totally prepared to start a new life with Rory.

Reed then goes to the Teahouse to finalize a deal with Atros for the purchase of Rory's contract. Rory, excited about this, greets him in the lobby and the two have a moment that's immediately ruined by Remy. Aware of Reed's hang ups, Remy tells Reed that she and Rory have slept together.

Rory of course denies this. Swears up and down that they didn't, but then Remy calls him a liar and tells Reed that it all started with a kiss. That's when Rory stops arguing because (as we all know) that much of the story is true.

Unable to deny the kiss, Rory begs Reed to forgive him. Swears up and down that they didn't sleep together. That after they kissed Rory threw Remy out. But it's too late. Unable to handle this new bit of information, Reed leaves without Rory.

Angst angst about. This is where Reed throws himself into work, Rory eats his feelings, and things at the Teahouse start to fall apart (that part you'll know more about next week.).

Reed, with a job to do at the palace, runs into Axis who ends up talking Reed into helping Axis talk to Rhys (refer to Rhys/Axis summary) and after the assassination attempt on Rhys, Reed realizes something. He misses Rory. He trusts Rory. Reed realizes deep down that he believes that Rory's telling him the truth and that he has to get Rory back.

So Reed goes to the Teahouse, reunites with Rory, buys his contract, and takes him home where they live happily ever after.

BTW, Reed also buys Remy's contract while he's at it and then sends her off to live in a monastery in the mountains with a bunch of nuns. Wah waaaaah.


Reed buys Rory a bakery to run and Rory becomes the best pastry chef in the country while Reed continues peddling weapons of mass destruction.

They also end up having babies. If you're thinking mpreg, stop. Don't be that person. They get a surrogate and have twin boys, one who's obviously like Rory and the other's eerily similar to Reed. It's as stupidly cute as you imagine.

Remy remains stuck up in the mountains with a bunch of nuns.


Before anyone asks, because I know they will, whether or not Rory slept with Remy is something we never ever intend on answering. It's a very specific thing we've had planned since very early on because the entire point of it isn't who's telling the truth (Rory or Remy) it's that Reed cares enough about Rory to believe him and be with him.

Also, of fucking course they didn't sleep together. That's gross.

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